How to create a Podcast

Step 1 – Record some audio for your podcast

There are lots of ways to record audio for a podcast.  Here is a quick list of the popular ones that entry level podcasters can easily try.

  • Record some audio using a USB microphone plugged into your computer.
  • Use your smartphone to record.
  • Buy a digital recorder and you will get a higher quality of recording on a dedicated device with lots of options.
  • Record a Skype call using free software.  A quick way to have a guest included in your recording.


Podcast Production -How to PodcastStep 2 – Edit your podcast recording

You will want to remove the odd mistake from the recording but soon you will see that you can remove noise, adjust the audio in all sorts of near magical ways as well as add other audio pieces like music.

  • Best free software is called Audacity.  Use on a PC or a MAC for recording and editing.
  • Remove mistakes.
  • Fix audio noise, recording levels and equalisation issues.
  • Add some royalty free intro and outro music.


Podcast Production servicesStep 3 – Upload your podcast recording to the Internet

Check out the various platforms that will host a podcast show. Consider the convenience of Spreaker, Podbean, Soundcloud etc. Sorted?

Before you sign up seriously consider setting up your own website for your podcast on your own domain.

  • Buy a domain and web hosting. (build your house on you own land).
  • Likewise use a self hosted WordPress website so you own everything from the get go.
  • Create some artwork for your podcast.
  • Submit your podcast to iTunes Google Play and other directories.


So How to Podcast in 3 Easy Steps with potentially lots of little steps in between and a myriad of options including going around in circles and making bad choices.  Now if all that sounds too much like hard work?

Just get in touch with Alba Digital Media.  Our Podcast Production Services will lift the fog and get you up and running with your own podcast in no time at all. In each step we can advise and manage on all equipment permutations, we can edit your audio and add music and other improvements in post processing.  We can build your website, provide web hosting and organise dedicated media hosting for your audio files.  We also  manage the whole process of submission of your podcast to iTunes and other directories on your behalf as part of our podcasting service.

Remember this article only covers the basic steps of How to Podcast.  You also need to consider why you should podcast and what you are going to podcast about.  More on these important podcasting topics in future articles.


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