Podcasting in Scotland

Podcasting is becoming more popular in Scotland every year. As more people make use of smart phones they are discovering how easy it is to listen to podcasts particularly during their commute to work.How to podcast Audio podcasts exist on a wide variety of topics and the format can vary form around ten minutes to up to an hour or so with many shows aiming at the average commute of around twenty five minutes. Some podcasts are produced every day, many on a weekly or bi-weekly cycle and some are just published on and as and when basis.


Podcasting for Businesses

Podcasting in Scotland has been led in the main by the BBC Scotland podcast productions, with many hobbyists joining in.  However in more recent times businesses are seeing the real potential of showcasing their products and/or services through podcasting.  The ability to develop a closer relationship with potential customers or existing customers has been clearly evidenced.

Producing a podcast will lead to further exposure of your brand and if executed well, your podcast should have a positive impact on your sales revenues with pretty minimal cost implications depending on your setup.

Social World Podcast LogoSo get in touch with Alba Digital Media based in Stirling Scotland and we will be happy to discuss how we can help you join the growing list of organisations and companies who have started podcasting in Scotland and across the globe.  We can advise on equipment, microphone and recording techniques, web hosting and media hosting, show notes and submission to iTunes and other podcast directories.

Check out our current podcast clients based across the UK and the USA.  Wherever you are based in the world we can provide the same high quality range of podcast production services, so please get in touch for further information on how we can get your podcast up and running.



Passing Places Podcast

Passing Places around Scotland

Alba Digital Media is responsible for every aspect of the ongoing podcast production and the maintenance of the web site. Passing Places Around Scotland achieved No.1 spot in it’s chosen podcasting categories in iTunes New & Noteworthy.  The podcast has been downloaded over 150k times and now has listeners in over 130 countries worldwide.

podcasting from Scotland

Childless Not By Choice

Alba Digital Media is working with clients outside of Scotland too.  Childless Not by Choice from 21st Century Hannah is a podcast which focuses upon being Childless Not By Choice.   Based in Florida, USA, the host Civilla Morgan is building a community of interest including online groups through her audio and video podcasting. Alba Digital Media undertakes all post audio production for the podcast and is currently working with Civilla to assist in promoting her podcast on multiple online platforms.

Social World Podcast

Helpful Social Work

Helpful Social Work is hosted by Gerry Nosowska  and Jo Fox.  The podcast that aims to help social workers to learn, think and act with integrity so that people who need social work get help that will transform their lives.  Alba Digital Media undertakes all post audio production for the podcast.

Social World Podcast

The Social World Podcast

The Social World podcast is an intervierw based podcast recorded by David Niven of D.Niven Associates in Bristol, England. Alba Digital Media is responsible for every aspect of the ongoing podcast production and the maintenance of the Social World Podcast web site. The Social World podcast  achieved No.1 spot in it’s chosen categories in iTunes New & Noteworthy.

Superb Audio

Alba Digital Media can advise on all aspects of podcasting, including individual and staff training, choice of equipment and all podcast production. My post processing services include:

  • post processing of audio files for optimal audio quality
  • Includes noise reduction
  • compression as required
  • normalisation
  • publication to your website and/or media host of your choice
  • full syndication to podcasting services such as iTunes.

We can provide a very competitive rate on a per episode basis for regular podcasts, either daily, weekly, or monthly  as required.  A completely free informal Skype chat is a great free way to start the conversation about your potential podcasting journey, so get in touch today.

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