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Achibé Cards® are a set of beautifully designed vision cards to keep you focused on achieving your goals.

Kevin has created a brilliant looking website that is a perfect extension of my brand.
I had no idea about website building, structure or even how to articulate how I wanted my website to look like.  Kevin took me through the process, making sure that I was able to make informed decisions all the way through.
His knowledge of all things online is vast but he is very good at breaking it down to allow me to make the right decisions about how I wanted my website to operate.
Really responsive and a pleasure to work with.  The end result is that I have a website that looks amazing and I have received many compliments from customers, particularly around the look and feel of my site.
I continue to work with Kevin on a retained basis and even now, he is ready and willing to help when I want to make changes or include new things.
Thank you Kevin!
Shereen, Founder of Achibé
Shereen Daniels

Owner, Achibé


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